Q: What form of payment does U.S. Diesel Labs accept?

[We accept ALL major credit and debit cards.]


Q: Where will my order ship from?

[All orders ship from the United States of America.]


Q: I’ve selected my products and placed my order; how quickly will it ship?

[Orders placed before 3:00PM PST will be shipped same day.]


Q: Does U.S. Diesel Labs sell any products for human consumption?

[NO! OUR PRODUCTS ARE STRICTLY RESEARCH SARM PEPTIDES. FOR RESEACH ONLY! Under no circumstances do we promote the use of our products for consumption. Any customer that uses this product for human consumption to our knowledge will be blocked and black-listed for any future purchases. Please see Terms Conditions Disclaimer for further information.]


Q: Are your products tested?

[U.S. Diesel Labs ensures a thorough laboratory-tested group of products that boost the highest quality and the purest peptides on the market.]