January 9, 2018
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GW 501516, first created by Glaxo Smith Kline is a different type of SARM in that it

Binds to the PPAR receptor. This in turn increases the genes involved in energy expenditure. Cardarine essentially mimics the process of exercise. Cardarine also helps incease fatty acid metabolism and has been known to help with obesity and type 2 diabetes.  Endurance is also greatly increased with Cardarine and striations are seen more rapidly as well.


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20mg, 30mg

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2 reviews for Cardarine

  1. Thatkoreanguy

    Great product. Definitely noticed I was able to last a lot longer And push myself a lot harder without fatiguing as easily or as early.

  2. Matt

    Wow!! I have tried a lot of different supplements and this is by far the best with no side effects! Gained lean muscle and dropped fat! Will be ordering more without a doubt. Also check dosage, these are higher than anyone else out there. get your moneys worth

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